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WD-40 SPECIALIST 300G - silicone

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WD-40 Specialist® line is an exciting range of products wearing the WD-40® shield you’ve come to rely on. These products have been specially designed for those more demanding jobs that just need to be done right.

WD-40 Specialist® High Performance Silicone Lubricant solution is a non-staining, hardworking formula, which provides excellent lubrication, won’t attract dirt, and protects against moisture. It stops parts from sticking and can be used on high pressure equipment. This product can be used on metal, plastic, wood and rubber and can work in extreme temperatures of -40°C to +200°C.


Prevents parts from sticking

Waterproofs and protects against moisture

For use on metal, plastic, rubber and wood

Ideal for guide rails, pipes, hoists, hinges, belts, bearings, linkages, tools, valves, locks and doors

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