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750kg Solar Sliding Gate Opener Kit

$620.00 $950.00

We can provide installation Brisbane - Sunshine Coast for an additional fee.

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener is the answer if you are looking for extra security and convenience for your home or business property. This automatic gate opener can be solar powered, which is ideal for sliding gate systems with the benefits of not having to require a close-by power outlet. You can choose to connect to 220V power as well. Package comes with 4 remotes, 6 meters (20 ft) (6*1m) of reinforced nylon racks, two heavy duty built-in 12V 12AH dep cycle batteries, two 12V 20W solar panels, solar charger, wireless keypad, release wrench and user manual. Featuring a powerful motor, it is capable of moving gates with a maximum weight of 300kg (660 lbs), which is suitable for most light residential gates.


Large surface area of solar panels for more adequate sunlight capture. We provide two separate panels for you to place separately at different angles throughout daytime. They will help to increase the charging rate of batteries and overall machine efficiency.


Deep cycle 9AH batteries of large storage capacity. They are completely sealed and maintenance free. Built-in inside units, external boxes are not needed.


Using Advanced Technology, this gate opener is equipped with a soft & smooth opening/closing mode to accommodate your needs with convenient installation and testing. It is suitable for almost all Australian residential gates that have the ability to slide behind a fence. This solar powered system will save on electrician cost, however you can always choose to connect to 220V power.

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