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Turners Garage Doors And Gates

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All Your Garage Door / Gate Needs In One Place


2. Merlin Silent Drive Pro




24V DC motor with thermal overload protection

Input voltage:24V AC

Rated door area up to 18m2

Drum rotations:4.5

Max door weight: up to 120kg

Max peak pulling force: 550N

Minimum side room 45mm

433.30, 434.54, 433.92 MHz AM radio with Security+2.0 encrypted rolling code technology

up to 64 memory registers

Courtesy light: LED

Noise rating 1M: 57DB

Door Specs

Maximum lifting under spring tension = 20kg

Suitable for steel spring balanced doors

Door Opening and Closing Times

Door opening time: 13 seconds

Door closing time: 13 seconds

Based on a 2.3m high door

Door Height

Door height: 4.5m

Door width: 4.0m, 6.0m

Single dwelling

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