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Garage Door Services and Repairs

Garage Door Servicing :

Not many people realise or consider that your garage door is a mechanical device. It is the largest mechanical device in your entire house. Just like your car your Garage Door needs servicing and maintaining every 6-12 months. Your springs need tensioning, your cables need checking, your hinges need lubricating, your motor needs checking and resetting. Having your garage door serviced may seem unnecessary but it can save you a lot of money, drama and issues in the future.

Garage Door Repairs :

Getting your door serviced can help minimise the damages and issues you could encounter with your garage door. However at some point you may need to fix your garage door. It could be a simple issue like your door needs a service.  Or major issues like the springs breaking, cables snapping, door being run into or even the door falling apart itself. We at Turner's Garage Doors can fix nearly any issue with your garage door or if need be supply and install a new garage door.