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Terms Of Service and Warranty Information


During the applicable warranty period, if you are concerned that the unit or item may be defective, Please call us at Turner's Garage Doors on the number listed on the business and a technician will diagnose the problem and arrange for this to be rectified. Once the problem has been diagnosed, subject to your rights under the applicable Australian and New Zealand consumer protection laws with respect to major failures, Turner's Garage Doors will provide you with either, repairs to the Unit or a replacement Unit. Repairs and replacement parts provided under this warranty and are provided free of charge and are warranted for the remaining portion of the original warranty period.


It is a condition of this warranty that for the operating life of the Unit:

1. The garage door is spring balanced, is operable by hand and opens and closes with no more than a maximum of 20 kg of lifting weight.

2. The garage door and the unit is professionally maintained and serviced by a Turner's Garage Doors technician, at a maximum interval of every 12 months from date of install which is the purchasers responsibility to keep on top of, such that the springs are balanced door operates according to manufacturer specifications. If your door binds, sticks, or is out of balance, then it MUST NOT be used until serviced by Turner's Garage Doors technician. The garage door service fee will be at the purchaser’s expense.

3. you retain your sales docket or invoice as proof of purchase, to enable you to establish the date of purchase in the unlikely event of a warranty service being required. 


Turner's Garage Doors warrants to the original purchaser of the parts in question, other than remote controlled transmitters and accessories, globes and batteries, for a period of time stated on the invoice, from the date of purchase when installed by Turner's Garage Doors technician in a residential premise with a residential specified garage door that is designed for the sole purpose of a single-family dwelling.

Turner's Garage Doors warrants that the remote controlled transmitters included with any unit are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase and all other accessories included with any unit are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.


Batteries and globes are not covered under the Turner's Garage Doors warranty. Travel costs incurred by Turner's Garage Doors in either travelling to or from your premise, These costs will be at the purchaser’s expense. Additional access costs incurred by Turner's Garage Doors in obtaining access where the unit is not readily accessible. These cost will be at the purchaser’s expense. Additional costs incurred by Turner's Garage Doors in shipping the faulty product back to the manufacturer will be at the purchaser's expense.


What voids the warranty if our service technician or manufacturer determines that a warranty claim has been made in respect of a failure or defect arising under or out of any exclusion detailed below such that the claim is not covered under this Turner's Garage Doors warranty, we may, subject to your other rights and remedies as a consumer, charge you a fee to repair, replace and/or return the unit to you if needed to be taken away. This Turner's Garage Doors warranty does not cover any failure of, or defect in, the Unit due to: 

1. Non-compliance with the instructions regarding specifications, installation, operation, maintenance and testing of the Unit or of any product with which the Unit is used.

2. Any attempt by a person other than a Turner's Garage Doors technician to repair, dismantle, reinstall or move the Unit to another location once it has been installed.

3. Use of any copy, imitation or replica garage door remotes with your unit other then ones provided by Turner's Garage Doors.

4. Tampering, neglect, abuse, wear and tear, accident, electrical storm, excessive use or conditions other than normal domestic use.

5. Problems with, or relating to, the garage door or garage door hardware, including but not limited to the door springs, door rollers, door alignment or hinges.

6. Problems caused by electrical faults or replacement of batteries or light bulbs, blown fuses, electrical surges, power surges or power strikes, fire, flood, rain, water, lightning or storms.

7. Water or moisture ingress that causes corrosion or electrical malfunction.

8. Corrosion caused by sea air if located near a waterway, beach etc.

9. Fitment to a commercial door or in a commercial operating application, installation of a residential garage door opener in a commercial or industrial premises other than a single-family dwelling.

10. Lack of proper maintenance, service or care of the door and unit.

11. Any unauthorised modification to the Unit.

12. Damage caused by insects, pests or other after sale damage caused by events or accidents outside Turner's Garage Doors reasonable control and not arising under normal and standard operating conditions. 

NB: A General Purpose Outlet (GPO) ie: power point must be supplied by the consumer as this electrical fitting does not form a part of the unit (opener).

If this Turner's Garage Doors warranty does not apply, you may have rights available to you under the Australian and New Zealand consumer protection laws. 


1. All property and items remain the property of Turner's Garage Doors until fully paid for.

2. A monthly late fee of upto 10% may apply if an invoice or money owing is not paid in full by the due date listed on the invoice, If this occurs the invoice due date will be extended upto a maximum time frame of 21 days and reissued. If non payment persists for more the 60 days legal action will be taken.

3. Our motor warranties are sold in a 3, 5 or 7 year package. The warranty on all our motor products are broken down below.

   - 3 years warranty - 2 years on electrical and 3 years on parts from date of install

   - 5 years warranty - 2 years on electrical and 5 years on parts  from date of install

   - 7 years warranty - 3 years on electrical and 7 years on parts  from date of install

4. All other items that are not motors including but not limited to Springs, Doors, Parts ect come with 12 months product warranty. This warranty covers faulty or broken items within that period unless one of the above exclusions apply.

5. All Installs and repair work has a 3 month warranty period only. Any issues relating to work Turner's Garage Doors provided after the 3 month period is not covered under warranty and is the customers responsibility.